Singer Liisi Koikson: “I was fascinated by Nurme Cosmetics human and nature friendliness and carefully selected ingredients.”

Singer Liisi Koikson: "I was fascinated by Nurme's human and nature friendliness and carefully selected ingredients."

Singer Liisi Koikson is known to many for her malbe and wonderful singing voice. It is a great pleasure to know that she has also been a user and fan of Nurme Cosmetics natural products for many years. We asked Liisi to share with us her experiences with Nurme Cosmetics products and to talk about her daily beauty rituals.

Having to spend a lot of time at home now, Liisi has become even more aware of the importance of moisturizing her facial skin, so in addition to previous eye and face creams, she has added some serums and facial oils. “And when I go out, I use a skin tone unifying foundation, comb my eyebrows, put some mascara on and moisturize my lips.”

Like Liisi, many women in the current situation have probably put more emphasis on taking care of themselves and added some new products to their beauty routines. However, the colorful selection of different cosmetic products on the store shelf, often makes it very difficult to choose the right product for your skin. Liisi also admits that in the past she has spent a lot of money buying the wrong products and that is has always been a difficult guessing game. „It all got easier when I went to a proper allergist who did a thorough test on me. And fortunately, since I’ve been staying away from allergens for such a long time, it seems that I can slowly start using them and it won’t affect my skin that much anymore. ”

Today, people are becoming more aware of what their cosmetic products contain, or rather what they should not contain. Efforts are made to avoid, for example, silicones and parabens, chemical fragrances and dyes, etc. Liisi’s skin is also very sensitive and over time she has found out which ingredients are not suitable for her and tries to avoid them. “Especially when it comes to everything that happens on my face, I have to watch it very carefully. As for body creams, I choose according to the smell and sometimes also according to the beautiful jar 🙂 I also can’t use anything that contains beeswax, ie many lip products, mascaras, eyeliners, etc. ”

However, often a simple beauty tip is better than any cosmetic product inside the cup. We asked if maybe Liisi also has a beauty trick, which she has inherited from her mother or grandmother? “As a teenager, I remember my mother saying the secret to her good skin was moisturizing her face with a moist cucumber slice. I don’t remember her ever using creams until later in life and even then only when she remembers to. ”

But how did Liisi find Nurme Cosmetics natural products?

Nurme meremineraalidega seep

Liisi first discovered Nurme Cosmetics soaps and the idea that local handmade soaps are made here in Estonia seemed so right and invited her to explore more. In addition, she gives a truly eco-friendly rationale: “I’ve never been a fan of liquid soap myself, not least because of the unnecessary packaging – why buy soap in a plastic bottle when there’s an option that doesn’t leave a container behind.”

Three words that Liisi would use to describe Nurme Cosmetics




At first, Liisi was fascinated by the Nurme Cosmetics well-chosen ingredients: “Lavender, lemongrass, and rosemary are definitely my favorites.” She also likes that the people behind the production are from somewhere close, and want to contribute to a cleaner future. Nurme Cosmetics production farm is located next to Kose in Harju County and all our products are made right there. Nurme Cosmetics and its people feel a great responsibility to save the environment and nature and are really happy to see that our customers feel the same way.

When we asked Liisi about her favorite products, she was delightedly surprised by the Nurme Cosmetics coriander and black peppers shower gel. „But the very first product, thats scent made Liisi fall in love with Nurme Cosmetics and that she will always be a fan of, was sea mineral soap.”, confirms Liisi. 

Nurme rosmariini šampoon

We also asked Liisi to choose three of her most favorite Nurme Cosmetics products. For the first place, she chose Nurme Cosmetics natural rosemary shampoo, because its scent made her feel really good when using it. In addition, rosemary shampoo promotes hair growth and successfully relieves dry scalp and dandruff problems.

Nurme lavendli eeterlik õli

For the second product, she chose Nurme Cosmetics sea mineral soap. Liisi descirbers it as: „It does not dry out the skin and the scent is so fresh!” The third product is the lavender essential oil. “Lavender is known to have a calming effect, and during stressful times I have added a few drops of it on my sleeve so that sometimes I can take a smell and feel that everything is still fine.” 






Many thanks to Liisi for the interview and we wish you pleasant experiences with Nurme Cosmetics in the future as well!



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