Which solid shampoo should you choose?

Which solid shampoo should you choose?

Solid shampoo is a popular newcomer in the world of hair care, which is gaining more and more supporters. Especially among the people who care about the environment around us and try to reduce the negative impact on nature through their actions. Nurme Cosmetics shampoo bars make your hair beautiful, they do not contain harmful synthetic ingredients and their packaging is environmentally friendly. Washing your hair with a solid shampoo may take a little getting used to, but the result can surprise you! Which solid shampoo is right for you? We have 5 options.

Avocado oil shampoo bar

avokaado tahke šampoon Avocado oil moisturizes the hair deeply. When your hair is stressed and lifeless, it is avocado oil that has the ability to bring it back to life. This shampoo is well-suited for dark hair, regardless of whether the hair type is oily, dry, or normal. Solid shampoo with avocado oil gives you shiny and thicker hair.

Jojoba oil shampoo bar

Jojoba tahke šampoonJojoba oil shampoo bar is well suited for blonde hair. Jojoba oil protects and revitalizes hair from root to the ends, even when your hair is brittle, dyed, or heat damaged. This powerful oil makes hair stronger and shiny. This shampoo is also suitable for every hair type – you will get good results regardless of whether your hair is oily or dry. We have added citric acid and lemon essential oil to the shampoo: these magic products help maintain the beauty of blonde hair.  


Hemp oil shampoo bar

Tahke šampoon kanepiõli
Hemp oil shampoo bar

This shampoo is best for normal to oily hair. With hemp oil shampoo, your hair will become noticeably fluffier. They also stay clean for a long time. Hemp oil relieves discomfort and irritation on the scalp and also protects hair from environmental stress.

Lemongrass shampoo bar

Tahke šampoon sidrunhein
Lemongrass shampoo bar

The charm of this shampoo lies in its scent. It’s just divine. However, the effect of lemongrass on your hair is more important than the scent. It makes the hair sleek and shiny and is gentle on the scalp. It doesn’t matter what color or type of hair you have. Everyone can enjoy the charms of our lemongrass shampoo bar.

Tea tree oil shampoo bar

Tahke šampoon teepuuõli
Tea tree oil shampoo bar

Tea tree has a lot of healing properties. You should use this shampoo if you have problems with your scalp and hair growth. The wonderful aroma of tea tree will accompany you during every hair washing. The charm of this shampoo is that it can also be used on the face if you suffer from acne. Worth a try!

A few tips for using a shampoo bar

Travel lovers, rejoice! Solid shampoo prevents all the struggle caused by liquids when traveling with hand luggage. Solid shampoo can also be used as a body wash and even for doing your laundry. A useful tip for backpackers – keeping your socks and underwear together with your shampoo bar, gives them a particularly fresh and pleasant scent. You can buy a small metal or plastic box to store the shampoo. In order to prevent the shampoo from sticking to the bottom of the soapbox, you can for example put a hair tie on the bottom of the box – this way you can easily get the shampoo out of the box and it will not stick. It is important to allow the shampoo to dry after washing. If you are using a soapbox, keep it open while drying so that the shampoo can breathe.

How to use this new product?

Using a solid soap-like shampoo may really seem a little unfamiliar at first, but after a few uses, you get used to it quickly. It is important to remember that foam is what really washes out the dirt and the hairstyling product residue from your hair. It’s unbelievable how foamy a solid shampoo can get! Rub a piece of shampoo on your hair until your hair is nicely foamy. Start at the nape of your neck, continue to the scalp and finally rub the ends of the hair. If at first, it seems that the foam does not want to form in any way, add more water and rub. You may be surprised at the luxurious and rich foam that comes from the solid shampoo! Then massage the scalp and rinse the shampoo thoroughly under running water. When starting with a shampoo bar, at first you can wash your head two times in a row so that your hair is sparkly clean. To confirm- it does not damage your hair! Whether your hair is dyed and chemically curled or natural and untreated, plays a role in the formation of foam. Usually, hair gets used to solid shampoo with 2-3 washes. Don’t give up now! It’s worth it! If desired, you can also use one of the Nurme Cosmetics hair conditioners.

Good tip!

For untreated hair, the conditioner may not be even needed. However, if you still feel the need, we have an environmentally friendly hair conditioner recipe for you. Hair conditioner is also necessary to balance the PH of the scalp.

Do it yourself hair conditioner

1 teaspoon citric acid
250ml of water

Mix it in an old spray bottle and spray directly on the hair and rinse immediately. This recipe is also good for traveling because you can bring the citric acid and the bottle with you. The water can be added at the travel destination. Homemade hair conditioner with citric acid is very well preserved at home and can be safely stored in the bathroom.

Try this exciting new product and you may say goodbye forever to shampoos in plastic bottles!