Candles that help You save both health and nature

In these dark and chilly times, candles are an important addition to any home, as they help prevent the slightly melancholy feeling that knocks on everyone’s door on dim winter evenings. A lively fire and a bright candle flame bring warmth and brightness to our rooms and make dim evenings cozy and pleasant – this feeling can even be called candle therapy. We are especially pleased to introduce you to our new range of candles.Sojavahast küünal

Let’s talk more about different candles and their ingredients so that when choosing candles, you can save nature and make the best decision for your own health!

What are candles made of?

Most of the candles that are sold in stores are made of mineral or paraffin wax. Paraffin is the most popular material for making candles because it is very cheap and it’s the easiest to handle compared to other waxes. However, it is worth knowing that paraffin is also a residual oil product, which means that with paraffin candles you are actually burning fossil fuels in your home, which can emit various toxins into the air when burned. Natural waxes such as soy, palm, sunflower, coconut, and beeswax or stearin can of course also be used to make candles, but they are slightly more expensive and more difficult to handle.

What is soy and how is soy wax made?

Sojavaha küünalSoy or soybean is a legume that originates from East Asia and can be used for many purposes in food, cosmetics and, for example, in the manufacture of candles. Soybean oil is produced from soybeans: the beans are cleaned, crushed, peeled and then rolled into flakes. Soybean oil is extracted from these flakes, which in turn can be used to make soy wax. Soybean wax and also other vegetable oil waxes are produced by enriching the oil with hydrogen or hydrogenation, which makes the consistency of the oil harder.

Why should you always prefer soy wax candles? Why is it better than paraffin candles?

Soy wax is a 100% natural wax, which is also a renewable natural resource and one of the best natural waxes for making candles, as it does not contain any synthetic substances. Nurme candles are also made of soy wax and burn better and cleaner because they do not create carbon black when burning, which stains the walls or nearby objects. Also, burning soy candles does not increase the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

As already mentioned, the burning of paraffin can release toxic substances: benzene and toluene, which are known to cause cancer. Inhaling them is said to be as bad for health as passive smoking. In addition, carbon black and synthetic fragrances released during incineration pollute the air in your home and can cause lung or heart problems, in some cases cancer or autoimmune diseases, as well as allergies. In addition, you support the use of non-renewable resources by buying paraffin candles.

Which candle wicks are used? What to avoid and what to prefer?

Sojavaha küünalCandles are usually made of cotton braided wicks, which are waxed, pleasantly crackling wood wicks, and also reinforced wicks with copper or lead wire in the center. However, lead is a heavy metal and in many countries, it is currently banned to sell lead wire candles, as burning them can cause lead poisoning, which is often fatal disease. However, in some parts of the world, they still produce cheap candle wicks containing lead that are worth avoiding at all costs. The most environmentally and health-friendly choice is, of course, cotton or wooden candle wicks.

How to choose scented candles? What to prefer, synthetic or natural fragrances?

Candles are made with fragrances, which can be either natural essential oils or synthetic fragrances that are artificially created in a laboratory. Essential oils may not always be the best choice, as they do not tolerate high temperatures. When the oil is heated, some of it evaporates, some lose its therapeutic benefit, and some of these essential oils can even become toxic. For health and environmental well-being, the best choice is to use a mixture of essential oils and synthetic oils that are specially designed for candles and are compatible with wax, high temperature, and combustion. Tests have shown that these oil mixtures emit the least toxic substances when heated. Perfumes made on the basis of essential and synthetic oils have also been used in Nurme candles, which means that not all components are natural, but they are all of high quality and therefore a safe choice for the environment and health.

Sojavaha küünalNurme soy wax candles are a favorite of environmentally conscious people because unlike paraffin candles, they are not made of kerosene. When making our candles, we have used 100% ecological cotton wick, which has been specially developed for natural wax candles and thanks to which the candle burns with a clean flame. Nurme scented candles are handmade in Estonia from a mixture of high-quality essential oils and synthetic oils, which are specially designed for candles.

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