When was the last time you washed your makeup brushes?

meigipintslite puhastamineAfter daily use, the residue of various make-up products, dead skin cells, bacteria, oil and dust accumulate in your make-up brushes. If, after use, you throw all the brushes in one large make-up bag until the next use, all this will spread to other accessories and products that are in the bag.

In order for your make-up products to be clean and long-lasting, they should be cleaned regularly. Can you remember the last time you did a deep cleaning on your makeup brushes? We have written a short guide for you on how to do it and we will introduce a Nurme product, recognized by make-up artists, which is ideal for this cleaning work.

meigipintslite puhastamineIf you use make-up brushes and sponges only on yourself, you should wash them more thoroughly once a week. It doesn’t take long and it is recommended to do it in the evenings, because then you can leave the brushes to dry overnight and start with clean make-up supplies in the morning. Nurme tea tree oil soap is an ideal product for cleaning make-up supplies, which has already found use and a positive response on the desk of many make-up artists.

Tea tree soap has a deep cleansing effect and is known in folk medicine for its antiseptic, antibacterial and antifungal effects. It easily washes away the oils and make-up residue in the brushes. It is for this reason that tea tree oil soap is also a valued product in the fight against problematic skin and acne. You can read more about the experiences of many users on Nurme’s blog. Of course, you can also use this piece of soap to wash your body, making it a great multifunctional cleanser. You can also find a special cleaning pad for make-up brushes in the shop, but tea tree soap is already by nature rough and exfoliating and can clean the make-up brushes effectively without a special pad.

Wash your brushes and make-up sponges like this:

  • wet the brushes with warm water
  • take a piece of tea tree oil soap, make it wet and rub the make-up brushes and sponges on the soap to foam. Note that if the brushes are dirty, foam may not form very easily. In this case, wash the tools several times until the oils have been completely removed from the brush hair.
  • wash the brushes between your fingers with light massaging movements.
  • then rinse the brushes under warm water. If you wish, you can repeat the same process if it seems that the first time was not enough.
  • dry the brushes lightly with a towel and set to dry.

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Important – when drying make-up brushes, place them on a towel or over the edge of a table (bristles over the edge), as this will preserve the original nice shape of the brushes. If possible, let the brushes and make-up sponges dry overnight. Before placing the brushes in the make-up bag, make sure that they are completely dry.Of course, you can use another Nurme soap instead of tea tree soap. Just choose your favorite one 🙂