TRAVEL SIZE! Zechstein Inside magnesium oil spray 50 ml


Magnesium oil in a new small 50 ml bottle. It’s nice to put in a training bag or take it on a trip.

Zechstein Inside® magnesium chloride from a pure source. Magnesium chloride, extracted from a 1-mile deep layer in North Holland, has thickened and purified naturally for 250 million years.

Magnesium sprayed directly on the skin is absorbed into the porous epidermis and through it into blood vessels and muscles.
An organism with sufficient magnesium reserves is more flexible, does not get tired so easily, and can improve itself better.

To use: Spray 5-10 times all over body & massage it in. It is good to use the oil after a shower or bath because the skin is then warm and the pores are open, which helps the magnesium to absorb better.
Do not apply to wounds or sensitive areas, such as around the eyes. The oil should be applied in particular to the joints and muscles and other areas of concern. Can also be used during pregnancy. The oil can be used at any age, but for children, we recommend halving the amount – their daily need for magnesium is not as high as for adults.
Eight sprays of magnesium oil contain about 100 mg of pure magnesium.

Magnesium sting
The first time you use it, you may feel a slight itching or tingling sensation. This may be a sign of a lack of magnesium in the body and is due to the rapid absorption of magnesium into the skin. With regular use, the tingling subsides. As magnesium begins to be absorbed immediately, the skin can be dried with a towel after the oil has been massaged.

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INCI: Aqua, Magnesium Chloride (31%).